Fuji Final Proof Digital Proofing

The Fuji Final Proof Digital are the highest standard in digital proofing. They are SWOP and GRACOL certified, contract quality, digital halftone proofs produced from digital files. Files can be printed on the actual printing stock with line screens from 85-200 lpi and with a full range of dot shapes, dot gain, and screen angles.

EPSON Proofing

We also offer EPSON proofs that are both SWOP & GRACOL certified. The EPSON is a good alternative for the Fuji or Kodak if desired due to their speed and cost. We have the ability to proof up to 58″ on our EPSON machines.

Ad Releases

Impact Digital is a trusted name for ad preparation and insertion work. Our experienced staff prepares ads for print perfection. From mechanicals to digital file output, we support all publication formats and specifications.

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