Steve Kalalian and Janet Mayfield founded Impact Digital in 1991 as a two-person graphic design firm serving the Fashion and Photography industries. The company initially designed and produced a range of promotional materials including books, catalogues, and identity systems.

In 1996, Impact Digital moved to SoHo, NYC and converted all prepress work in-house. By 1998, Impact Digital established itself as a premier retouching and pre-media company providing a full line of services including high-end retouching, CGI, proofing and ad releases.

Impact Digital currently has 35 employees, and in 2006 moved to its new 30,000 sq. ft facility in TriBeCa, NYC. The TriBeCa location at 32 Avenue of the Americas was chosen for its ability to support Impact Digital’s expanding retouching department, pre-press operations, and tier-3 datacenter.

Our Values

Impact Digital is a retouching and CGI super-boutique. The award-winning team of top retouchers, CGI artists, and production experts focus on achieving the vision and brand identity of our clients’ projects from editorial work to global campaigns.

Impact Digital’s reputation is built on a passion for excellence and dedication to clients’ needs. These values drive everything we do from client service to the quality of our work.

Creating beautiful images and building relationships are the most rewarding aspects of our work. We embrace all types of projects ranging from high profile international campaigns to the experimental work of individual photographers. To us, every project is unique and must produce consistently beautiful results that clearly promote specific brand identity.

The ability to deliver quality work begins with our talented and dedicated staff. The retouching team works in an environment of creative collaboration, technical expertise, and continued innovation. Our team has been carefully chosen from a variety of backgrounds including photography, fine art, painting, production, 3D modeling, and graphic design. The combination of disciplines enables us to provide solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.

Account Service Teams

Our account service teams are comprised of an account manager, retouching manager, and production manager and prepress manager. Account service teams oversee all projects from initial concept to final delivery, and work closely with clients to provide unparalleled service. This structure allows us to turn around precise work very quickly. In addition, all project phases and rounds are tracked by our proprietary retouching database system.

Industrial Color Brands Logo

Impact Digital is a division of Industrial Color Brands, a family of integrated creative production companies. Industrial Color Brands partners with top brands, agencies, and creative professionals providing a full range of essential production services.

For over 25 years, we’ve lead the industry through a culture of innovation, bringing state-of-the-art digital production and post-production solutions to our clients.

Our group of vertically integrated companies – Smashbox Studios, Industrial Color, Impact Digital, and globaledit – offers end-to-end services including studio facilities, still and video capture, post-production, and creative workflow solutions. We serve the fashion, retail, advertising, media and entertainment industries worldwide.